Sunday, June 17, 2012

How To Conquer Boredom: From A to Z

My oldest son likes to make lists.  When I'm cleaning up, I often find crumpled pieces of paper containing numbered items on subjects like "Steps to Take When My Brother Fights Me" and "Stuff to Do When I'm Bored."  Most of his lists are about how to deal with boredom.  Apparently, the child is bored a lot.

Last night, I found a rather elaborate list when tidying up his room.  He had come up with 26 things to do this summer, one idea for every letter of the alphabet.  He labeled it "The If You're Bored Book." Here is the list, straight from the pen of an 8-year old boy (with a few minor edits for grammar and spelling):

1. Attack your brothers with lightsabers and start a duel.
2. Build a barricade.
3. Create a battle scene.
4. Dash over to the fish tank and watch the fish.
5. Eat a snack.
6. Fight invisible stormtroopers.
7. Get your brothers and make something up.
8. Help with housework.  Hide and seek. 
9. I don't know one for the letter I.
10. Jump off the couch.
11. Kites.
12. Let your brothers chase you.
13. Make obstacles for your brothers.
14. Need more time to think.
15. Open the windows and talk to your next door neighbor.
16. Paint.
17. Quiet reading.
18. Race around the house.
19. Slide down the stair railing.
20. Teleport to Disney World.  (Pretend.)
21. Use Legos to build weapons.
22. Very fast running.
23. Wash yourself.
24. X-ray the fish.
25. Yo-yo.
26. Zoo.

Yeah, I guess that sounds about right.  I think we're in for a long summer.

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